Photo exhibition “Guarda che scienza!”

People, instruments, places. The exhibition “Guarda che scienza!” entrusts the visual narration of the scientific adventure of Fondazione Bruno Kessler to these three basic subjects, captured and selected by Matteo De Stefano’s camera.

Spazio FoyEr

Via Galileo Galilei 26, Trento

People, first of all, as scientific research is made primarily by men and women: researchers who have turned their passion into their dream job.

Secondly, research needs specific instruments, which can be either technical or IT (such as robots, sensors, microchips, softwares) or more traditional ones (such as a simple book).

Last but not least, places. Research can be made, and it is actually made, everywhere: in a lab, in a cleanroom, in an office, even in an ancient villa or in the street. Or at home, as happened during the Covid-19 lockdown.
What surfaces from this fascinating photo-reportage is a varied, multidisciplinary, colorful reality which goes far beyond research and touches also other subjects which have permanently entered the DNA of Fondazione Bruno Kessler such as school and education, science communication, public events and many more. The exhibition aims to show a non-conventional picture of the world of science through the unique language of photography: the center of gravity of this world remains no doubt people.

from Monday to Friday 
10.00am-12.00pm and from 4.00pm – 7.00 pm
free entrance

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