FBK PhD DAY: welcome alumni!

The "PhD Day: launch of FBK doctoral program" will be held on the 20th of February. The PhD program is carried out in collaboration with prestigious national and international affiliated universities. Over 90 PhD students are allocated to FBK's research units and are actively involved in international research projects and mobility programs.

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive 18, Povo


[9:00-9:30] Introduction [Francesco Profumo, Paolo Tonella] [9:30-10:30] Keynote by FBK PhD alumnus [Alfio Gliozzo, IBM Research] [10:30-11:00] Coffee break

[11:00-12:30] Poster session (3rd-4th year FBK students)

Biniam Fisseha Demissie, Security Testing of Android Apps for Detecting Permission Re-delegation Vulnerabilities

  1. Martina De Sanctis, Design for Adaptation of Distributed Service-based Systems
  2. Ivan Donadello, Semantic Image Interpretation
  3. Amin Farajian, Domain Adaptation in Neural Machine Translation
  4. Anna Feltracco, From lexical opposition to discourse contrast relations: a study with computational method for the Italian language
  5. Andrea Gaiardo, Development of Innovative Materials and Substrates for Gas Sensing Technology
  6. Simone Ghio, Multifunctional Bio-inspired Surfaces
  7. Didem Gundogdu, Emergency Event Detection and Geographic Propagation Prediction Using Mobile Phone Data
  8. Aravind Harikumar, An approach to conifer species classification based on crown structure modeling in high density airborne LiDAR data
  9. Gunel Jahangirova, Oracle Problem in Software Testing
  10. Elena Kalinina, Real time adaptation of the stimulation protocols for neuroscientific studies
  11. Stefano Menini, Agreement and Disagreement: Comparison of Points of View in the Political Domain
  12. Yaroslav Nechaev, Social Annotation and User Profiling
  13. Giulio Petrucci, Ontology Learning in the Deep
  14. Mirco Ravanelli, Deep Learning for Distant Speech Recognition
  15. Giada Sciarretta, AuthZ/N Protocols for Native Apps: Security and Privacy
  16. Francesco Segatta, Modelling Photoinduced Events and Non-Linear Spectroscopy in Complex Multi- Chromophoric Systems
  17. Yady Tatiana Solano, Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Very High Resolution Multi-Sensor Optical Images Time-Series
  18. Rachele Sprugnoli, Two days we have passed with the ancients… From Historical Travel Reports to (Temporal) Information Extraction
  19. Serra Sinem Tekiroglu, Exploiting sensorial association of the words for figurative language processing

Lunch [12:30-14:00]


[14:00-15:30] Keynote on ERC Starting Grants [Serena Borgna, APRE] [15:30-16:00] Coffee break

[16:00-17:30] Short presentations (students graduating in Spring 2017)

  1. Danilo Benozzo, Detecting brain effective connectivity with supervised and Bayesian methods
  2. Martino Bernard, Lightwave circuits for integrated Si photonics
  3. Daniel Ricardo dos Santos, Automatic Techniques for the Synthesis and Assisted Deployment of Security Policies in Workflow-based Applications
  4. Shahriar Mahbub, Development of innovative tools for multi-objective optimization of energy systems
  5. Valentina Marziano, Mathematical modeling for epidemiological inference and public health support
  6. Olufemi Akindele Olumodeji, Memristor-based computing architecture with advanced signal processing capabilities
  7. Rajeev Kumar Piyare, Exploiting Wake-up Radios for Low Energy Internet of Things (LE-IoT)
  8. Nusrat Sharmin, Correspondence among Connectomes as Combinatorial Optimization
  9. Avinash Sudhodanan, Automatic Black-Box Security Testing of Browser-Based Security Protocols
  10. Hafeez Ullah, Decoration of graphene sheets with metal and metal oxide nanostructures by low-pressure plasma deposition
[17:30-18:00] Best FBK student award 2016, with talk by the awarded student

[18:00-18:30] Alumni reunion

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