Trento Smart City Week 2019

Citizens in the age of digital

Piazza Duomo, Trento

Piazza del Duomo, Trento

The programme proposals will focus on the meaning, opportunities, risks and ways in which each citizen can use digital tools in everyday life, in particular in their relationship with the Public Administration.

The theme chosen for the 2019 edition has many variations, as do the objectives of the event: in fact, we want to increase, first and foremost, a widespread awareness of our participation in collective life in a technological, virtual and digital context in which we are all now naturally immersed. We want to focus on the importance of the responsible use of digital tools in the management of new relational dynamics that we build and nourish in everyday life, showing the positive and constructive side of a proper way of managing and using the means that each of us has within reach.
We also want to accompany citizens to discover the potential and benefits of digital services available, the use of which can certainly make it easier and more immediate the use of some useful services in everyday life, the acquisition of certifications, the collection of information, and in general the communication to the Public Administration and institutional bodies.

What has been described is based on a single important intent, which is to bring out interesting and lively food for thought to be put into a debate: from the observation that digital is not an option but an essential characteristic of our lives, to the need for digital education that is not only the ability to use digital tools, to the theme of new jobs and continuing education as a new normality in people’s lives.


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