The Role of Stakeholders in the Training of the Data Scientist

Presentation of the new teaching workshop in Data Science to be held on December 14 at the Department of Sociology in Trento

Aula Kessler, UNITN – Sociologia | Trento

Via Verdi, 26

The meeting opens with the presentation of the new workshop in Data Science and the Regulations governing the inclusion of Stakeholders – companies, institutions and public and private organizations – in the activities of the Master’s Degree in Data Science.

Speakers include the Chancellor of the University of Trento, the Presidents of the University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler as well as the Directors of the Departments and Research Centers involved.

The collection of suggestions and contributions from participants will be encouraged. If you wish to share your own content on the role of stakeholders in the training of Data Scientists, please contact the organizers by sending an email to

Check the event program out at this link.

The Data Scientist
In recent years, a new professional figure has emerged, that of the Data Scientist: a professional with highly developed soft skills and able to work in dynamic and multidisciplinary settings. The role of the Data Scientist is to analyze data in a creative, innovative and mindful way and therefore to provide decision-makers, be they managers, researchers or representatives of institutions, the most useful information to define the lines of action and identify strategies to cope with the increase in diversity, dynamics and complexity. A Data Scientist works across all the divisions of a company, administration or organization, turning data into information that is understandable and, above all, useful for making informed decisions, anticipating trends and seizing opportunities for growth in all areas.

Find out more about the new Master’s Degree in Data Science at the University of Trento.

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