Tuesday, 22 November, 2016

Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25, the Povo Technology Hub of Fondazione Bruno Kessler will host the fourth meeting of the second cycle of the "FBK for Health" higher education dedicated to the Trentino healthcare sytem. 

The digital transformation of public health is a realistic and necessary perspective. It is, first and foremost, a process that allows for savings in resources, for reducing waste and inefficiency. This will also be the topic during the two-day event promoted by the Kessler Foundation, the Department of Health and Social Solidarity of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Province Agency for Healthcare Services, together with the University of Trento, the Medical Association and the Nurses Association, dedicated to the use of ICT for improving the management and care of citizens.

This 2nd workshop national workshop “From Taccuino to Personal Health Records”, in line with the first meeting held in Trento in 2014, in the broader context of the Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico (FSE), aims to explore the state of the art, the outlook and the issues connected to the spread of Taccuino and the PHR (Personal Health Record) platforms in the healthcare system, especially in the field of applications (Apps) for mobile devices.

The seminar, which starts on Thursday, November 24 at 2 pm in the "Luigi Stringa" conference room at FBK's Povo location, is intended as an opportunity for discussion on the various initiatives launched in Italy on the topic of digital medicine and on the different perspectives of the stakeholders affected by the introduction of these tools in healthcare practice and in the lives of citizens.

The meeting is open to health care professionals and managers, officials and employees of the Region Government and of the Autonomous Provinces, Healthcare systems and Central Government Departments, who wish to participate and share their experience both on the Taccuino and on the Personal Health Records platforms. 

The first round will start at 2:00 pm on Thursday, November 24 with the greetings from Andrea Simoni, Secretary General of FBK, Paolo Bordon, PAT Councillor for Health and Social Policies, Marco Ioppi, general director of the Province Agency for Healthcare Services of Trento, and President of the Association of Physicians and Dentists of Trento, and from Luisa Zappini, President of the Nurses Association of Trento.

Gianfranco Gensini (Professor of Internal Medicine, president of the Center for Advanced Medical Studies, "FBK for Health" project coordinator), Antonella Graiff (Manager and coordinator of the "FBK for Health" project), Mauro Larcher (Director of the School of Specific Education in General Medicine of Trento) will introduce the afternoon session that will be divided into two sessions in which representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Digital Italy will be speaking. The first one, moderated by Marco Clerici ("FBK for Health" Coordinator), will outline the state of art of the technology; the second is dedicated to "Applications and settings" and will be moderated by Giuliano Mariotti (Provincial Agency for Healthcare Services of Trento). At the first round will therefore be presented the national strategy for digital health, with particular focus on medical APPs, their applications to meet the challenge of chronic diseases and major cross-administration platforms such as SPID (Public System of Digital Identity).

On Friday, November 25 at 9.00 am, the second round dedicated to the Italian experience will be opening the works. The sessions, which will alternate between different case studies - from the Politecnico di Milano, the Region Governments of Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Puglia, Piemonte, to Trentino - will be moderated by Andrea Nicolini (Interregional Center for Information, Geographic and Statistical Systems).

A panel discussion on "Prospects and Future Challenges", moderated by Claudio Dario, has been scheduled for 11.50 am.

Full   information and program at http://formazionesalute.fbk.eu.

To live stream the event, please follow the links below


NOVEMBER 24 2016 (after 2.00 pm): https://youtu.be/pTnKz8JlI4g


NOVEMBER 25, 2016 (from 9:00 am): https://youtu.be/kViSpxVDyQk

ECM credits

 The meeting provides credits for continuing education in medicine for all professions. Training Objective No. 29 - Technological innovation: evaluation, improvement of management processes of biomedical technologies and medical devices. Health technology assessment.

Credits: 5.3.


The event will be held at FBK's Sala Stringa Hall on Via Sommarive 18, Povo di Trento.


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Advanced Training Seminars 2016

Meetings calendar

1st meeting: Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Proton therapy: clinical evidence and research suggestions.

2nd meeting: Thursday, June 9, 2016 - Patient histories and digital technology: how care and caring changes. Insights on "narrative medicine".

3rd meeting: Saturday, September 24, 2016 - Harmonizing practice and medical research: the role of the clinical and research laboratories in Trentino.

4th meeting: Thursday, November 24 and Friday, November 25, 2016 - "I'm prescribing you an APP": the frontier of digital medicine. 

5th meeting: December 3, 2016 - The "core competencies" of primary care in a changing medicine: a possible path to higher education.


The training cycle is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and by the Italian Society of Telemedicine and e-Health.